Let's Talk About Sex, Baby (and HIV and AIDS Awareness)

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At the time, was there any hesitation on the part of your label or video outlets?There wasn't any hesitation. Since it was ballsy of us, people were more intrigued with it because we were females who did want to talk about it. One thing with us, we didn't fall back. It didn't matter if anyone had any resistance. We found it important to speak about it, and didn't really have any problems promoting it.

Since the song's release, do you think the openness to discuss HIV/AIDS has changed much over the past 20 years?
Obviously, the numbers are still growing. But, I believe what's important with people, like myself, and more celebrities getting on-board and what Lifebeat is doing, going to the concerts, promoting safe sex and passing out condoms, people are talking about it more. And, having this platform, kids tend to listen to celebrities a lot more because I don't think people tend to talk about it as much in schools or churches. The more people that tweet about it, I think they feel it's cool to speak about it. It's important to keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. When I see the numbers of ages 16-24 infected by AIDS everyday, it's sad. Those are babies. I know it might not work for some parents, but I think it's important to have an open dialogue because you don't want somebody else dictating that. And that's the problem, a lot of these kids don't have anyone to talk to. It's a lack of education and misinformation out there. They need to know they need to protect themselves, and that there's no cure.

What did you think of the launch of Arches of Hope last weekend?
It was very nice. I'm really proud to be part of it. I think that it's great because it's all about social media and raising awareness, and how better to do it than by Twitter and Facebook? If we're all tweeting, they'll think it's cool to tweet it and spread the word through that. I just love the fact that they keep pushing.

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