Pusha T on the Grammy Committee: "They Can't Deny Good Hip-Hop Anymore"

Last we spoke your brother had just put out the book and you were on your own for the first time. You mentioned feeling slightly panicked at the thought of doing it all by yourself. Feel more confident now?
I totally do. It's basically a situation of knowing that people are listening. I feel like I've definitely been accepted as a solo artist and I appreciate that.

Plus you're a Grammy nominated artist now. What's that feel like? Do you place importance on it or nah?
I guess it's fresh. It'd be fresher if I was nominated for my own song (laughs). Nah I've never been apart of something like this so I'm happy to be a part of it. It's something... It's great for G.O.O.D. Music.

What'd you think of some of the other nominees?
Looking at the nominees I really like the music. I remember when I was young the Grammy rappers would be like Young MC. He would be a nominee and I would be at home wishing Rakim would be nominated. Now it's Hov, Ye, Lupe, 2 Chainz... it's people who really make good music and music that I hear in my settings.

Think the Grammy committee is just better versed now in hip-hop?
No, but the board can't deny good hip-hop anymore. A lot of good rap used to be over shadowed by sales and the commerciality of it. Now a good percentage of the Rap nominations are good.

So who's your favorite rapper right now at this exact moment?
Favorite rapper? Jay-Z. No wait. I take that back. Andre 3000 is my favorite rapper right now.

So I hate asking about this type of nonsense but any new developments with the lyrical spats you've been having with Young Money?
[Laughs] It is just that, lyrical spats. Just lyrical. It's fun. At least I'm having fun. I ain't got no worries. [Laughs]

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