Maybach Music Group's Rockie Fresh on Why He Chose Rick Ross Over Diddy and the Violence In His Hometown of Chicago

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Chicago has been the center of a lot of violence lately. How was it growing up there?
I stayed in the crib a lot and I would just mind my business. My parents played a part in [keeping me out of trouble] but really I had the ability to do whatever I wanted. I just was never into that kind of stuff. I was cool with people who were into that lifestyle and I even have friends who are into and it affected them a lot. Overall I've been blessed to stay out of that and I intend to continue to live that way.

You've made music with the guys from Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy. What did working in that alternative realm teach you?
It showed me music has no color. To see rock fans latch onto my music and really be into was great and an eye opening experience. It was cool. Never once got booed or heckled. It was all love at the rock shows.

Having that sort of alternative background, did it surprise you when Rick Ross and Diddy came a calling?
It didn't really surprise me. I knew rap artists were going to relate to my music more than [alternative rock acts]. Like I said before music is universal but a lot of the rock artists appreciate musicality not so much the lyrics so I knew eventually rap would be my home. What did surprise me though was how soon it all happened. That was a bit surprising.

You've got a really humble disposition for a rapper, especially a 21-year-old rapper. Is that something you've worked towards or your parents worked to instill in you?
No. My outlook is I do what I like. I'm not worried about being cool. I'm humble because I don't feel a need to impress people and have them idolize me. I'm a normal kid. When I meet people I take them as normal people and I want people to treat me like that too. We're all just people.

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