Eight Quotes From Rihanna's Rolling Stone Cover That Attempt To Explain Her Relationship With Chris Brown


5. She's not here to help cure Chris:
"Wait. You Think I'm here to rehabilitate Chris? No, no, no. That is not my purpose. Trust me. I could have done that from the jump if I thought that was my job. My job was to take care of myself- and I did. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think Chris was ready."
What exactly is Rihanna saying here? She could have rehabilitated him if she wanted to? In some sick, twisted way is she saying she's responsible for what he did to her because she could've prevented it? That can't be what she means.

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6. It's different now; this is true love:
"It's different now. We don't have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about (stuff). We value each other. We know exactly what we have now and don't want to lose that."
Why would Chris Brown believe he could "lose" this now that Rihanna has taken him back?

7. What she loves about Chris Brown:
"For a long time he was really angry, and he felt like he couldn't get away from it, no matter what he did. But there's so many reasons why I ever reconsidered having him in my life. He's not the monster everybody thinks. He's a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He's giving and loving. And he's fun to be around."
Rihanna's right. Chris Brown no longer seems angry. We just don't know him, guyyyys.

8. One day she'd like to reproduce:
"Hell, yeah! But I wish I could order them"
Thank God you can't order babies on Amazon.

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Seems like liberals and feminists resent that she's not making the choice they want ( and one that's supposed to be "symbolic"). it's her choice- and most likely, will be her "mistake"- to make, but she's following her heart and doing what she wants to do for herself and that's brave given all the haters out there who will be waiting with even more hate when and if it all goes wrong again. Contrary to the pc paradigm of "fierceness", "independence" or passionate individuality, and yet that's what it is to her aqnd in this context, it is she who's defying the establishment views. Plus, as the "it" girl of the pop-moment, some of it is just jealousy by the audience of the spectacle that she would want....chris brown and that's something that is..... understandable. Wish her luck n hope it works out unlike....what most looker-ons seem to be hoping for. And he wouldn't be the first or last to deal with this issue ala John Lennon's masterpiece exploration of being a "jealous guy".


@cgera713 - She needs a good cleaning and scrub down; either that or stop taking silly pictures with all the filters.


It's all fake folks:  The fight, the hit, yada, yada, yada.  All for money and press. 


I want to apologize to Rihanna because she felt the need to do the interview, when (unfortunately) all the response to what is said is bashing.  Oh, that's right, the 1st amendment - freedom of the "press"! LOL The "press" can respond in any way they want, eventhough it's really ridiculous because the responses are dripping with judgement.  LOL  No matter what Rihanna said or continues to say, no one will say that she has the right to feel and act the way she sees fit..she sure is made to feel responsible for how everyone feels about it...It's sad that an audience would want to read stuff like that. 


Love is so much more complex than you are allowing for in this shallow attempt at journalism.

Binkconn topcommenter

John Lennon used to regularly beat his wife Cynthia. Why no villification for him? Because he's white, so it's alright.


@Binkconn How would they fit that in the story?  Your argument assumes two things that contradict each other. On the one hand you imply that everyone should be vilified for the crime of violence against women and that makes sense. But then you're protesting that Chris Brown is vilified for it. So should it be everyone except him? or is your argument irrelevant? It's certainly out of date. You would have a better argument with Charlie Sheen. You're welcome. 

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