Rockie Fresh's Electric Highway: What Kid Cudi Wished His Last Album Sounded Like

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Actual features, from MMG members and otherwise, are kept to a minimum. Rick Ross appears alongside Nipsey Hussle in "Life Long," a largely forgettable number save for Boi-1da's production and Ross' line, "Collect calls from Gunplay/One day I hope to see some peace." Heavy is the head...

The lack of guests poses its own problem, of course, in that Rockie Fresh is expected to fill the void all by himself. His lyrics and delivery are perfectly apt in the tracks previewed, but there's a memorable quality the neophyte still needs to hone. Singular bars and abstract concepts are nice but quickly turn forgettable in hip-hop's fickle marketplace. In a glut of voices, careers are launched upon charisma and branding oneself. If Rockie Fresh learns nothing else from MMG, it should undoubtedly be that.

Critical Bias: I took off the 3-D glasses after the first song.

Overheard: "Where's Rick Ross?"

Random Notebook Dump: Only a mere five "Mmmmmaybach Music" drops all night.

Tracks Previewed:
"The Future"
"The Lights"
"Superman OG" feat. Lunice
"The Warnings"
"Life Long" feat. Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle
"Show Me Sumthin'" feat. Sasha Go Hard
"Ride Slow"
"I'm Ready"

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