Brooklyn Metal Bar Saint Vitus Just Launched A New Record Label Because HELL YEAH!

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Jammi Sloane York
On January 1, Artie Shepherd and David Castillo--co-owner and events director, respectively, of Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus--announced the founding of their new record label: Sacrament Recordings and Merchandise.

Huh? A bar with a record label? Naturally, we wondered how that works. So we asked Castillo (who also sings in Primitive Weapons, above, the metal band that includes Shepherd and Vitus co-owner Justin Scurti) to give us the deets.

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How did this idea for Sacrament come about?
We at the bar were doing what we've been doing--a lot of shows--and through that time we stumbled across this band Sannhet, who we really liked, and they just kept getting better and better and better. One day we were in Connecticut--[Primitive Weapons] were playing with [Sannhet]--and Artie came up to me and was like, "Dude, we should put this record out. Let's just put it out." And I was like, "All right, yeah." Then the concept turned into creating a label and merchandise company where we do all sorts of boutique things that surround the culture that is created in the club.

Are you planning to release Primitive Weapons records on this label?
Yes, the next Primitive Weapons record will be on Sacrament, as well. And that should be sometime in mid-summer, hopefully.

How intricately linked with Saint Vitus do you see the label being?
I think it works hand in hand. It's not something we really thought too heavily about. The bar is great because we're already seeing new stuff. Bands from all over the world are playing there. So, it's like going to a club where you could be an A&R every night. A lot of stuff goes through there. At this point, I think we know a lot of stuff that we really like. And I think it's about fostering this local thing ... seeing who the next bands are going to be and supporting them.

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