Ten Big Deal Albums We're Hella Excited For

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January 29
With all due respect to Fantômas--mostly because Buzz Osborne's in it, and other than sucking up to Fox News the fella can do no wrong--Tomahawk is the best Mike Patton supergroup project, mostly because ex-Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison is also in it and he is the greatest guitarist of all time. Don't argue with me. There hasn't been a Tomahawk album since 2007's Anonymous, which came out the same week as the John Cusack psychological horror film 1408 and damn that feels like a million years ago, right? But the good news is that All That Changes at the end of January with the release of Oddfellows, which still features the competent drumming of John Stanier, but they've secretly replaced the fine bass Kevin Rutmanis usually served (until leaving during Anonymous) with Fantômas/Mr. Bungle/etc.'s Trevor Dunn--let's see if anyone can tell the difference! From the few clips we've heard, Mike Patton does his fun mouth tricks and there's lots of genre hopping and interesting time signatures. But if you're like me and drool over every single note Duane Denison commits to tape, or ones and zeroes or whatever, this is a must-listen.


Feeling Mortal
Abraham Whistler is 76 and feeling mortal, so he's putting out a new album called Feeling Mortal. Actually, KK was also feeling particularly mortal on 2009's Closer to the Bone (which came a few years after the "I'm still here and I still kick ass so fuck all y'all" splendor of This Old Road), so that one had its share of twilight-years reminiscing and wisdom-nuggets (after all, like Jonah Lehrer, he's a Rhodes Scholar) set to weathered, evocative Americana textures, and this one's likely more of the same. Of course, more of the same from Kristofferson is better than just about anything else, even duck fat fries. My favorite KK story is everybody's favorite KK story: When he landed his helicopter on Johnny Cash's lawn to deliver a demo tape. But my second-favorite KK story is the one about him playing Jeff Bridges' stunt double in The Big Lebowski toilet-dunking scene. OK--that's not true at all (not true as in he wasn't in The Big Lebowski, not not true as in it's not my second-favorite KK story). However, I expect Feeling Mortal to be as true as true can be.

Broke With Expensive Taste
February 12
So obviously next year's Pazz & Jop winner (stone cold mortal lock), Harlem rapper/singer/seapunk/supergal Azealia Banks' Broke With Expensive Taste, like Long.Live.A$AP, got pushed back a number of months but the wait'll assuredly be worthwhile. The second-best rapper alive's brand-new trap scorcher "BBD"--which refers both to Bell Biv Devoe and the fact that "bad bitches do (it)"--slays wholly and completely and it's not even on the new album! Which means that either it's so mindblowing that great shit like this ranks only as leftovers, or Banks is a horrible decision-maker. We'll see. Here's what she told Complex (real question: is that still in print?) about Broke: "It's gonna be like this girl is trying to find her place in the world but she's still trying to be young and have a good time. She's still trying to look fresh so she's gonna spit some shit about clothes. She's gonna spit some bullshit, but then she might really drop some real n***a shit. It might sound artsy but it'll have some real n***a shit."

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