Ten Big Deal Albums We're Hella Excited For

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You're Nothing
February 19
Remember when those Danish second-graders formed Iceage a couple of years ago and carpet-bombed America with their awesome Ian-rock (MacKaye + Curtis)? Well, now they're all grows up, inked to Matador, and have apparently "written and re-written the short aggressive rock song" on their forthcoming You're Nothing. Boom.

exai 2.jpg
March 5
I always feel like the best way to really understand what long-running British electronic experimentalists Autechre sounds like is to read their track listings, such as the one on their forthcoming 11th offering, Exai:

1. "FLeure" 2. "irlite (get 0)" 3. "prac-f" 4. "jatevee C" 5. "T ess xi" 6. "vekoS" 7. "Flep" 8. "tuinorizn" 9. "bladelores" 10. "1 1 is" 11. "nodezsh" 12. "runrepik" 13. "spl9" 14. "cloudline" 15. "deco Loc" 16. "recks on" 17. "YJY UX"

Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

Water on Mars
March 19
You may or may not remember a couple months back we unleashed an Oscar-worthy short "audio slideshow" of Mike Polizze, head honcho of the Philly power-splarge trio Purling Hiss, talking about his guitars. Maybe you were thinking: "Who the hell is this dude from that rotten, Mummers-infested cesspool 100 miles to the south and why should I give one single fuck about his guitars?" Well, because he's put them to phenomenal use on the psych-noisy Water on Mars, the band's upcoming debut LP for Drag City. Mike's a truly great dude, but even if he was a dickwad, there's no arguing against his molten riffage and sharp songwriting sensibilities, which draw from J. Mascis, K. Cobain, and his pal K. Vile.

Shaking the Habitual
April 9
Much like Tomahawk, mysterious Swedish siblingtronica outfit the Knife hasn't released an album in America in ages. Not since 2006's very awesome and creepy Silent Shout, which came out the day before Fran Mainella resigned her post as director of the U.S. National Park Service, and we all know how long ago that seems. Fever Ray has been a moderately acceptable substitute, but those itching for more Knife play will get scratched with the upcoming Shaking the Habitual, which we're assuming (hoping?) will be more sinister and moody and engaging alien-dance-pop for Jose Gonzalez to cover.

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