Top 12"s of '12: Last Looks, People

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Welcome to 2013. Welcome to the future.

2013 is not like other years. It's different. It's a whole new world. A world in which Grammy Nominee and general music visionary Al Walser is not only still alive, but will lead us all to redefine our very idea of art (seriously, think about it). A world in which Vice magazine partners with CNN, HBO, and Intel to create hilarious content (including popular segment "Guess Who We Got Arrested This Week??"). A world that waits with baited breath to hear if Thomas Bangalter and "Gui-Man" will tour again dressed as Daft Punk, or just continue to let everyone else do it for them (Thom Yorke literally, Nile Rodgers metaphorically). And a world in which at least someone can tell Goldenvoice to STFU (thanks Rolling Stones) yet no one can seem to "Get Off Of Soundcloud" (thanks again Stones) and their shitty new iteration.

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Yes, 2013 will be bizarro in ways that lie beyond logical comprehension in the here and now. In short, a year like the one we just (barely) survived...and almost every other in memory. So basically the same old world. And what better way to celebrate the new, old world then with the death of the old, new one? Here is the musical headstone of 2012. Enjoy it now as U.S. Cultural Attache Steven J. Aoki will make all vinyl illegal come September. Cake for everyone!

Semtek & Chardonnay / Scott Fraser
Tacos For Dinner / Remains The Same (World Unknown)
Joe Hart and Andy Blake of UK club night World Unknown started releasing vinyl-only 12"s in 2011.Two artists, one track per side. Each release is a unique one-off with a short run and forwards the ethos of the music at their club: engulfing, dark, minimal machine music that proves the success of their nighttime endeavor has paid off in the day.

PBR Streetgang
Double Boogie EP (Futureboogie Recordings)
Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe make multi-level boogie music by employing various sonically three-dimensional loops spiraling about on numerous planes, which all rotate around one axis. It's science.

The Werewolf EP (Meant)
With a ridiculously solid, thirteen year resume, the German boy-girl-boy trio return with their first full release under the Rework name in five years with three new originals and a pair of solid mixes from Remain and Magda.

Mascat Ring Down (Beats in Space)
Tim Sweeney is a child star from some unremembered early 90s sitcom. The Milhouse of House to Bart Simpson's not-at-all funny Deadmau5 joke gone pop, he made America laugh for six seasons but now he's all growns up. He's retained his youthful looks - and glasses - as a young veteran and has the last laugh as he drops (Boy Meets) world music and (Jaleel) white labels with equal aplomb on his long-running radio show (and now label of the same name).

Jerome Derradji
Disconnect (Stilllove4music)
A more underground sublabel of his Chicago imprint Still Music, Derradji's labels have helped launch the careers of Trus'me, Amp Fiddler and Rahaan. Here the man himself takes the reins of a filthy housed up disco edit 12".

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