Top 12"s of '12: Last Looks, People

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The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks
Instrumental Fantasy / La Chiave (Golf Channel)
Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips, Goat Dance) is the UK's #1 animal man. Here he travels to NY to hook up with Eric "Dr. Dunks" Duncan (Rub N Tug, Still Going) and Phil South's ridiculously reliable Golf Channel label. One of two great twelves for the duo on the label.

Various Artists
Nickel Ride (Cómeme)
In the three short years it's been in existence, Matias Aguayo's Cómeme label has carved out it's own Latin-flavored chiaroscuro brand of minimal electro. One of two samplers this year showcasing a handful of their artists, it's a top-notch piñata filled with nighttime adult treats.

Naum Gabo
Ay & Oh / It's On (Let's Play House)
It's hard to believe that local boys Let's Play House only released their first record a bit over a year ago. Since then they've racked up eleven more including two from The Dead Rose Music Company (who also listed last year), Tobi Tobias, Fantastic Man, and (finally!) a U.S. release for Australia's Young Edits under his River & Phoenix moniker.

Scott Fraser
Light Sleeper EP (Relish Recordings)
You'd best be a light sleeper if you pass out whilst listening to future funk overlord Scott Fraser's EP - his second nod in this list - or else your nightmares will wake you. Remix support from Timothy J. Fairplay and Relish boss Headman.

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