Top 12"s of '12: Last Looks, People

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José Manuel /
Tusk Wax Eight (Tusk Wax)
Tusk Wax (and offshoots Horn and Porn Wax) have been having a brilliant year with 11 releases on labels combined. Unfortunately, Porn Wax's 'pink circles' are so rare, it appears even their YouTube links have sold out, thus barring the inclusion of Fab Mayday's stellar 10". But José Manuel's four track EP on OG Tusk is a more-than-worthy successor.

Beatamines & David Jach
How Never / Something Soul EP (Keno)
Germans may have a rep as heavy and humorless (sorry guys), but here two of them link up for an uplifting and gorgeous house lullaby. One of three EPs they recorded together for three different labels, in addition to some scattered remixes. All are very recommended.

Smoke Screen (Under The Shade / Jiscomusic)
Bicep got so much love in 2012 it was like the blogoshphere was their own personal gym. But while other people bulked up with extra reps of "$tripper" and "Vision of Love" in their 'sets', their cosmic take on "Smoke Screen" was the real skull crusher. Rounded out with a second, mellower original and another solid remix from Wolf Music's KRL.

Duke Dumont
For Club Play Only Vol. 2 (Turbo)
First the classic house indebted "Street Walker" arrived on Volume 1 and lit up summer dancefloors at festivals everywhere. Then "The Giver" dropped a few months later and virtually every DJ in every genre played it. This is what we will come to know as 'The Norse Effect'.

Session Victim
The Haunted House of House Vol. 3 (Delusions of Grandeur)
"Good Intentions" is the melody of the year. This genre-free groovefest could be forty minutes long and you wouldn't notice for at least thirty-five, at which point you'd start it over. Caned to death on boat parties all over the Adriatic Sea.

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