Why EDM Is Thriving While Other Genres Are Sinking

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"The thing that will always prevail, especially in this scene," Goldman says, "is a DIY situation where someone is a breakout artist, makes a great tune, puts it on the Internet, people find it, and then people want to fuck with that person."

Of course, the game changes when your act blows up, and you're expected to have compelling visuals as well -- think Deadmau5' LED cube, and Skrillex' spaceship.

"When you're at the top of the DJ world, [much] of your guarantee is going towards massive, incredible productions," Goldman says "Skrillex is an example of that, Boys Noize, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii. All of the top guys have these huge productions they bring with them; that is becoming a big part of the game. "

As such, there is an increasing amount of overhead for top tier producers. This trend is also trickling down as smaller acts try and keep up. "It's funny, because of the stigma of the button pushing thing and because DJs are so ubiquitous now, smaller and smaller acts are working out deals to get productions going."

And while big touring DJs can still move units, record sales are more of a perk than a goal.

"The industry isn't about album sales anymore," Goldman says, "so revenues are not directly benefiting the record labels as much as they're benefiting everybody who's involved with the actual live shows themselves." This includes managers and crew members. Furthermore, many of the top DJs have started their own labels, like Deadmau5' Mau5trap, Fool's Gold, and Steve Aoki's Dim Mak.

"At a certain point," Goldman says, "you just become an industry."

Here's hoping it doesn't repeat the mistakes of the old music industry.

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I simply don't get it. I don't like EDM for the reason I don't listen to classical. It doesn't relate to my culture or lifestyle. When Lynnyrd Skynnrd sings a song about a mother telling her son to be a simple man, that relates to me because my mother did that. When Metallica warns of the dangers of hard drug abuse in "Master of Puppets" or raves against the horrors of war and slavery like in "One" or "Unforgiven", I can relate to all that.

Electronic Dance Music is specifically designed to do one thing. Provide an audio assault on the senses in order to increase the effects of psychedelic and hallucinigenic drugs. It has no viable message, no structure (as proven by the million "subgenres") and it just strikes me as mindless zombie music with no rhyme or reason other than to make noise. 

If your entire subculture is based around such a mundane and unimportant activity as dancing, then you have a lame and usless subculture that has no cultural values or message other than generic youth naiveté.


@Drivebycommenter "… unimportant activity as dancing…"???  Dancing is unimportant?  Tell that to the literally millions of people who belonged to various dance scenes in the big cities from the 60s until present.  I'm an old-school raver from the mid-90s.  If you ask any one of the people who I used to party with about their time in the rave scene, they'll tell you that it was the high point of their life.  It's not so much about the music as it is about the feeling of aliveness and freedom and sublimity.  Yes, sublimity.  In my quiet moments I probably listen to the same kind of music as you do, so it's not as though meaningful songs with beautiful lyrics have taken a back seat.  But I get it, though.  You said techno (I hate the term "EDM") doesn't relate to your culture or lifestyle.  That's fair, and that's probably true for most people's music preferences.  In the end, I say do what you love, do what makes you feel most alive and connected.


@Drivebycommenter there is beauty though in it, mabye not it what's popular but it sure is there with big artist like Pretty lights and Porter Robinson.


@Drivebycommenter Listen to Language by Porter Robinson and tell me you don't feel something, EDM is about loving life and living free. I hope you can at least relate to that.


@Drivebycommenter there are many EDM songs with topics, all be it mostly underground artists but the main thing EDM is about is enjoying life.

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