The 25 Best OutKast Songs of All Time

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Here's a hard truth that needs to be told and heard and understood: OutKast aren't getting back together. They just aren't. Stankonia, their last proper release as a bonafide duo, was 13 years ago. Andre is going to be Jimi Hendrix. Big Boi is making music with Phantogram and Wavves. They've moved on. It's time we did too. Because this shit is over, son. It's a wrap. It's time to stop pleading for the two to make an album together again. Just yesterday, for instance, in the comments of this Big Boi story on CNN. "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REUNITE WITH ANDRE. The world needs outkast. I am forreal." You're not wrong, person who comments on music stories on CNN, but please, do us all a favor and STFU already. We imagine the same kinds of voices follow Andre around, and that at least one of those voices sounds a lot like Adrien Brody.

What we need to do now is change our mindset. If a reunion (if that's even the right word) isn't possible, then we need to cherish in the incredible music the group already gave us. Let's revisit the 25 best OutKast songs of all time, in no particular order.

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1) "Crumblin' Urb"
They could've made this a regular song to light up to. Instead they made it so much more, keeping in tune with the camouflaged gems of reflection and lament sprinkled throughout their debut.

2) "Spottieottiedopalicious"
One of the best songs ever period. Celebratory, yes, but Big Boi's verse about handling "real life situations" is classic OutKast material. Most memorable were the infectious horns. Just don't get swept up in Hollywood Cole's chest naked rampage.

3) "Liberation"
Not a song, a gem, life on wax, just inexplicably divine. Erykah Badu joins Cee Lo Green to add some rich vocals and life altering lyrics. The song is as long as Fela Kuti track, but still isn't long enough because you just never want it to end.

4) "E.T. (Extra Terrestrial)"
They really were "like hail storms and blizzards in the middle of the spring" and this song captured that otherworldliness that was the overlying theme for their sophomore LP. The complex topics and rhyme structures were breaking rap norms in general, let alone the simplistic, Southern rhyme patterns of the day.

5) "Millennium"
Can't say much about this one. Just push play and marvel at the musicianship. This is one of those times where Big Boi actually had a better verse, though 3 Stacks' is far from subpar.

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