The 25 Best OutKast Songs of All Time

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6) "Elevators (Me & You)"
ATLiens' lead single found OutKast in a unique position. No longer local scrappy Southern rappers but not quite yet the world famous phenomenon they would eventually become, the catchy but undeniably Dirty South hook (they rhymed "Vogues" with "doors") reeled in fans by the masses, including your momma and your cousin too.

7) "Git Up, Git Out"
Inspirational, thug motivator music when Young Jeezy was just... Younger Jeezy. It was a wake up call to a lot of hustlers and potheads who couldn't get they're asses out of the bed before 3pm, that unofficially kicked Cee Lo Green's career off (he got Hip Hop quotable for the verse in The Source).

8) "The Art Of Story Telling 4"
This is one of the last known OutKast songs to be officially released, albeit through DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz: The Album. The song featured vintage Andre and Big Boi spitting about girls and life lessons with Marsha Ambrocious on the hook. It bolstered false hopes of an OutKast album

9) "Art of Story Telling 1 & 2"
Title says it all. The most difficult form of rapping is storytelling and these two have made an art of it. Weezy himself admitted in a fairly recent interview that he couldn't tell stories in his raps because his mind jumps topic to topic. It's no small feat to make a well thought out plot rhyme and Big Boi and Andre do it extremely well. Second one is even more urgent.

10) "Players Ball"
This was what really set it off for The 2 Dope Boyz, unless you count the remix of TLC's "Friends." Simple lyrics about their Southern way of life around the holidays, it was obvious that "the South got something to say."

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