The 25 Best OutKast Songs of All Time

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11) "Humble Mumble"
A sleeper but when you go back and peep Stankonia this one really said a lot.

12) "Southernplayalistic"
Making up mashed up words like "Bacdafucup," "Essaywhuman?" and Funkdoobiest (whatever that might've meant) was fun but Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymuzik takes the cake.

13) "Myintrotoletuknow"
Aside from maybe "NY State Of Mind" and "What Up Gangsta?" Best intro song on a debut. Primo thought so, that's why he sampled it for Jay-Z. Plus how cool is it to hear Mr. Bowtie threaten, "Talk bad about the A-Town, I'll bust you in your fucking mouth"?

14) "Jazzy Belle"
Cautionary tale without preaching about fire and brimstone. It was kind of like "Daughters" before "Daughters," but a lot more casual with the presentation. Keep your daughters off them poles, people.

15) "Funky Ride"
Not quite r&b, but still baby making music, this style of song was revisited several times on later albums. It was arguably the predecessor to Cee Lo's style of rocking the mic as well a peek into Andre's future musical aesthetics.

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