The 25 Best OutKast Songs of All Time

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16) "Royal Flush"
This may be the absolute last OutKast song to date, though it was technically on a Big Boi project. All sorts of label drama was brewing at Jive so Big Boi left for Def Jam as a solo artist only to have Jive try to block the release on Def Jam citing new OutKast material on the album.

17) "2 Dope Boyz In A Cadillac"
After the sweet soul lady crooning's that start the album off, this head banger sets their sophomore album off, dispelling any notions of a sophomore jinx.

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18) "B.O.B."
Frantic drums, purple grass, running children, church choirs singing, records scratchin', ... and not a single drop of sweat on your silk suit.

19) "Decatur Psalm"
Dark and Goodie MOB assisted, this is some real street shit. Just to give you a proper scope, the first artist I ever heard say "trap" was Big Boi. This was trap rap's wiser older brother.

20) "Skew It On the BBQ
Just to stunt on any one who labeled them a rap act confined to southern aesthetics they got Raekwon on a song after running into him at an Atlanta Foot Locker. Multiple repeats ensue.

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