The 25 Best OutKast Songs of All Time

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21) "So Fresh, So Clean"
Have you ever stepped out of the shower and NOT thought to yourself "So fresh and so clean, clean?" The prosecution rests.

22) "Red Velvet"
As anti flossing as you can get. There are hustlers, then there are wolves, and if you're the former than you should always keep the latter in mind. After all, "Bill Gates don't dangle diamonds in the face of peasants when he's Microsofting in the place." True indeed.

23) "Ms. Jackson"
The Grammy award goes to these two for writing a song about their "baby momma's momma's" and not make it a minstrel/reality show. Even the leaky house in the video was dope. The car explosion... the puppy bobbing it's head too... GOD DAMN IT, GET BACK TOGETHER YOU GUYS!! (Sorry. No. No.)

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24) "Aquemini"
This song is especially important because it led us to believe the pair would be together making funky, abstract gangster music forever.

25) "Slum Beautiful"
More baby-making music. Only Baby Jesus knows how many pregnancy tests were purchased after this diddy came on in a college dorm or hooky jam.

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