Baauer & Just Blaze - Webster Hall - 2/15/13

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Still, Just's set made you try your hardest. Surprisingly light on his own beats, he moved from from tracks like the Flosstradamus "Original Don" remix (what my out-of-date ass would have pegged as the anthem of the trap music movement) through the DJ Sliink/DJ Fresh/Nadus/DJ Rell Jersey club "Work It" remix, a monster even when it's coming through the speakers on my laptop. On stage, I'd never seen him more lively. My friend described him as "hamming it up," and when he came to the front of stage and started shooting t-shirts into the audience, I had to agree.

Baauer, embracing the EDM side of the trap music movement, mixed in festival-ready hits like Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" and Tiësto's "Pacha on Acid" (or, in both cases, possibly the RL Grime remix), blending the former into "Jah No Partial" and adding the "212" vocals on top of the latter, an odd choice considering that hours earlier he had fucked with its rapper for freestyling over "Harlem Shake." If only there were some way for DJs to change their setlist between shows.

But yes, I'll stop cracking my knuckles and just confirm for you that Friday's setlist did include "Harlem Shake." It wasn't anti-climactic, exactly, but everybody had been dancing so much in the first place that the crowd couldn't replicate the off/on jump cut of the viral videos. Oh well, those are overrated anyways.

Random notebook dump: "as far as i can gather, Major Lazer is the most popular group in the history of music"


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