In Honor of Spring Training: The Best Baseball Songs!

Now that we're done with all that bozo knucklehead football horseshit, we can move on to a real sport: Baseball. The thinking person's pastime. Poetry on grass. The ballet of the bat and the ball. And all that other crap that shrimpy turd Bob Costas is always on about. It's a magical time of year--the most magical time of year, really--because pitchers and catchers have reported this week, and you can almost hear the beautiful sound of stitched cowhide slapping into supple leather gloves from thousands of miles away. Yes, the Mets are going to be wretched (again) this year, and everyone on the Yankees is 1,000 years old, but fuck it: Baseball! Anyway, to celebrate, here's 9 of our favorite baseball-related tunes.

"Piazza, New York Catcher"
Leave it to Belle & Sebastian to write a song about former Mets catcher Mike "I date women" Piazza and that utterly weird 2002 press conference he held to deny the rampant rumors that he was gay, which of course made even more people think he was gay. In his new memoir Long Shot (a title that doesn't sound gay in the least), Piazza again denies the gay thing, insisting "If I was gay, I'd be gay all the way." Interestingly, Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch has also been compelled to publicly deny being gay all or part of the way, insisting in an interview a while back that he is "straight to the point of boring myself." Kindred spirits, these two.

"(Love is Like a) Baseball Game"
Hailing from Philadelphia, The Intruders teamed up with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff to lay the foundation for the storied Philly Soul sound in the mid-1960's. They made the keen observation that love is so very much like a baseball game because "Three strikes you're out/ Whether you win or lose," although they neglect to mention how often you may be called upon to sacrifice in order to score. This song is kind of like Ichiro: Smooth, a little bit of pop, kinda old by now, sorta wise but then again doesn't really say much when you get right down to it, and loved by millions of Japanese people (or so we hear).

"Ted Fucking Williams"
If you ever liked "college rock" then The Baseball Project's lineup is a murderer's row: The Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck (and occasionally Mike Mills), Young Fresh Fellows' Scott McCaughey, and the Miracle 3's Linda Pitmon. They've put out a couple of baseball-themed albums since 2008; one of their best tunes is this tribute to Teddy Ballgame: "Everyone says 'Hey Mick!'/Mantle this, Mantle that it makes me sick/It's just so hard to see/Why do they like him better than me?/I'm Ted Fucking Williams!"

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