Let Black Francis Sing His Songs About Mustaches and UFOs To You Tonight

This tour, he's billed as Black Francis, a name he used in the Pixies and repurposed again starting in 2007, following a post-Pixies-stint as Frank Black that began in 1993. So, what's in a name? Re Black Francis, he explains: "I was writing a record called Bluefinger. I was inspired by the subject matter ([infamous Dutch artistic personality] Herman Brood), and felt I had slipped back into a headspace that was more arty than it had been in some years. I don't know why that happened; I didn't even know I had different headspaces. I was reminded of when I was younger and starting out in show business. I felt good. I always liked the moniker--after my grandmother Frances; Black was a family name from a few generations back-- and I wanted it back." That said, a Black Francis show still potentially encompasses material from the Pixies, the Catholics, and even his current tour partner, Brooklynite Reid Paley (of Paley & Francis fame).

And we can't let Thompson go without one of his most-asked questions: What's up with the beloved Pixies, who reunited in 2004 and whose most recent gigs were in 2011? "Hell, if I know!" he replies. No matter the name or band, when sung by the man born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, songs about mustaches and UFOs never rocked so hard.

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