Buckwheat Groats Have "Swag Like an Asian," Bust Nuts

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One of these guys is named "Penis Bailey"
Irreverent rap jokesters Buckwheat Groats caused an internet melee last year with the multi-McDonald's mayhem in their "Million Dollar Menu" music video. Along with being featured everywhere from Huffington Post to WorldStarHipHop, the duo landed a deal with The Warner Sound. Now, they've returned with their first two videos under the Warner banner, "Swag Like an Asian" and "Nut I Busted." We spoke to members Penis Bailey and Lil Dinky about how they went from McDonald's to the majors while always staying on the cusp of controversy.

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How did you first link up with The Warner Sound?

Lil Dinky: Warner Sound saw our video for "Take Yourself Out the Game," one of our biggest hits, our controversial anthem. It really resonated with them over there and what they're trying to do with their brand. They approached us, sort of circled the wagon. Then "Million Dollar Menu" came out and they were like "Yeah, these are the guys to bring our brand to the 21st century and really take it to the next level."

Penis Bailey: They wanted us to make a lot more suicide-related content, but we felt like we wanted to branch out and go in a new direction.

Lil Dinky: They saw "Million Dollar Menu," they saw we had multi-facets, many facets.

Have you had any issues at McDonald's since "Million Dollar Menu" came out?

Lil Dinky: We're V.I.P.s at McDonald's, man. I eat at McDonald's 2-3 times a week. And, I was one of the first Americans to sample the brand new Fish McBites when they were testing them for the market. They're pretty good.

The first video you put out under The Warner Sound banner was "Swag Like an Asian." How did that idea come about?

Lil Dinky: We just love Asians. We associate with a lot of Asian people. Our head of security, George, he's Asian and he accompanies us to all our live shows. We have love for Asian women, Asian culture, Asian foods, Asian stores, old Asian women. They're just generally good people. We figured, let's give them a time to shine. They don't get too much of that in rap.

While the video could be seen as potentially controversial, how would you say the reception has been?

Penis Bailey: Universally accepted and loved.

Lil Dinky: We've found that Asian people in particular are very psyched about it, aside from YouTube user frozenlychee [who has] taken exception to his perception of the message of the video and is sort of a one-man opposition team.

Penis Bailey: We think it may actually be Macklemore.

Lil Dinky: It could be Macklemore working for the Feds. But, whoever it is, we got people watching them. Frozenlychee, if you read this, we're on to you.

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How did you feel about the timing of the video release coinciding with the "Asian Party" controversy at Duke University?

Lil Dinky: That was actually our party. It got a little confusing in the media. It was really just supposed to be just me, Penis Bailey and a bunch of Asian people. But then, all these fucking white people showed up and that sort of ruined the vibe.

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