Cast In Concrete #9: Sailing To Brooklyn With Stefan Fink

Vijith Assar

Cast In Concrete tracks Vijith Assar as he records New York City's street musicians. If you'll be busking nearby soon and would like to appear in a future installment, please let him know.

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Who: Stefan Fink
When: January 15th, 2013, about 6pm
Where: Union Square subway station, L platform

In all my years in New York, I've never seen anybody straight catapult over the railing on the subway stairwells in order to catch a train, but whoa, there she goes! This seems unnecessary since we're solidly in rush hour here and the L is running every four minutes, but who knows, maybe there's a medical emergency or something waiting on the other end. Godspeed.

But unfortunately that also means she blew right by Stefan Fink, a commanding banjo player furiously whacking away on his axe about five feet from her point of impact. He's surprisingly young. This is a natural consequence, of course, of singing old-soul Appalachian folk; the MTA has up-to-the-minute arrival times posted on the LED signs overhead, and finally now also delivered via a new iPhone app, but songs like this emerged at a time when we were still dreaming up the concept of time zones to help with scheduling trains, none of which were underground at the time. Also, he is sporting a mean beard.

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