Curren$y Smokes Tons of Weed, and Still Works Much Harder Than You

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Let that man multitask. In between bong snaps and awaiting a new episode of The Regular Show to come on New Orleans' rapper Currren$y is also having an extensive conversation with SOTC about the scattered array of topics potheads tend to have. Like about cartoons for instance. And snacks and shit. Mostly though about how he's has released such a high-volume of work over the last five years, that he has prompted hundreds of thousand of followers to download and attend everything that carried his Jet Life logo.

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Though much of his work rarely gets mentioned in year-end lists as candidates for best albums, songs, etc. his consistency is undeniable and his fan base, the Jet Lifers, are as unshakeable as a pack of Juggaloos when it comes to their allegiance to Mr. Shante Franklin. On his latest release, New Jet City, out yesterday, Curren$y is just looking to further cement his place in rap history and for his lighter. Ain't nothing changed but the address.

Spitta, tell us a bit bout New Jet City and who has been contributing to it?
Jadakiss is on it. Rozay, Wiz, Styles P... My family, of course, Jet Life. Juvie is on it. And I got production from Lex Luger and Harry Fraud. This is like an album... there is no difference in how I work. This one is especially like an album though because of the producers I worked with and the artists. Usually my mixtapes are so fast and spur of the moment, [I'm recording] for two days then it's over. But this one I had a date set in mind, for Super Bowl Sunday. Also because Smokee Robinson came out when the Saints won the Super Bowl. With that set date though it gave me a window to work with and actually reach out to people. I let some people know, didn't get my hopes up but everybody was like "Shit yeah!" So I send shit and everyone is sending shit right back. You just look at the production and feature credits and it looks like a blockbuster album.

Since Halloween you've put out three projects. Sun, what the fuck?
I do EPs like when I'm just coolin' man. Other ones it was just a matter of going through my hard drive. Priest Andretti was a lot of work that I had already. "Stainless" was for Immaculate and "Contacts," which was supposed to be for New Jet City, I had recorded some time ago.

Speaking of recording, you seem to really enjoy the process of creating music. Like you really enjoy rapping and being in the studio.
Yeah, definitely. Some [rappers] look at what we do as work. And it is work, but for them it's different. It kills them to do a record. They don't like being in the studio working. They do two records in one day and may have to sleep for the next four days. I have an advantage because I like to be in the studio. It's somewhere to go to play my music, get high, burn some incense and ain't nobody gonna bother me.

Weed seems to be such a big part of your day to day. Do you think it puts you in a creative zone as well?
I used to think it got me in a zone. But I wrote while I was in Norway with no weed. And I think it came out pretty OK so I don't think I need weed so much as it just enhances certain things. Like you're just out chilling and since it's an enhancer you just might appreciate the weather just a bit more.

[Laughs] Like in that Boondocks episode.
[Laughs] You know I love the cartoon, but I don't fuck with it too, too tough, but I did peep that jewel. That was one of the only episodes I saw and it was hella real. Just how much better he related to people. I remember when I first started smoking I started understanding my parents better and just knew how to relate to them better.

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