The Completely Real, Totally Not Fake Deleted Destiny's Child Scenes From Beyoncé's HBO Doc

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On Saturday, HBO premiered a Beyoncé biopic that starred Beyoncé and was directed by Beyoncé and produced by Beyoncé and created by Beyoncé and received the approval of the universe by Beyoncé. But this story isn't about Beyoncé. It is about something Beyoncé purposely omitted from her HBO special-- the true fate of Destiny's Child. The following very real, totally not fake transcripts of deleted footage obtained by SOTC reveals Destiny's Children have been locked away in the sprawling attic above Beyoncé's New York mansion for six years. This is their story. For them, life is anything but a dream.

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With the last Destiny's Child concert behind them and a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame firmly in place, Beyoncé extended an invitation to band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to reside with her in her mansion in 2006. She promised a drama-free space where each could pursue solo careers while reveling in the sisterly love that they had established over the years. Kelly and Michelle accepted the invitation, seeing it as an opportunity to rise from the ashes Beyoncé and her father had left behind.

Chapter Two: Cater 2 U

A year passed. Beyoncé kept her promise to Kelly and Michelle -- she let them live with her rent-free, release their own albums, and even suggested they reunite to perform a song at the 2007 BET Awards. It went spectacularly. But the happiness was short lived.

In the early morning hours after the 2007 BET Awards aired, Mathew Knowles banged loudly on the front door of Beyoncé's mansion. He did not know that the other Destiny's Children were alive -- much less that they were living in the same home as Destiny's True Child. He was enraged, and, after a long argument, succeeded in convincing Beyoncé to be stricter with the Children. Much stricter.

The next morning, Beyoncé told Kelly and Michelle she wanted to give them the nicest room in the mansion after all of their hard work over the past year. Naturally, Kelly and Michelle were suspicious -- the nicest things in the world were for the Beyoncés, not for the Kellys and Michelles. But blinded by their newly-found confidence, the two packed their belongings and traveled upstairs.

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Beyond the door at the top of the stairs was utter darkness. Perplexed but not yet concerned, Kelly fumbled for a light switch. A single bulb flickered and exposed the former Destiny's Child members LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett, and Farrah Franklin chained to a radiator.

Kelly let out a scream. Michelle stared mutely. Beyoncé slammed the door. It locked.

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