We Interviewed the Guys Behind the Fresh Prince Google Translated Video

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Was it a challenge nailing the off-words in a proper rhythm?
Jeremie: The actual video is one continuous short, so we could stop and start. It became really difficult because at one point it stops rhyming, so it became difficult to make everything flow and make everything fit within the structure of the music. I think my acting training helped a bit with that.

Joe: Jeremie was such a good sport the entire time. He was so prepared and ready to do this because this is very demanding to sing something that unfamiliar.

Do you have a favorite like from the final version?
Michael: "I see you!"

Matt: "I have nothing!"

Joe: I have to agree that it's a tie between "I see you" and "I have nothing."

Jeremie: I liked "cold Apricot."

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How's the response been?
Jeremie: Everyone that I spoke to thought it was funny, and that it really highlighted the saying "lost in translation."

Joe: It's been good. 1.6 million views in its first week. It's turning people on to what we're doing, and put people on to our other ideas.

Michael: I think that we really abused Google translate with the 64 languages. Usually, like we said, it's pretty good. But, when you keep going back-and-forth and back-and-forth 64 times, I'd be hard-pressed to find any algorithm that could handle that.

Joe: Yeah, we didn't do this as an ad for Google Translate because if we did, it kind of implies that Google Translate doesn't work. Many people have commented that it's a symbol of religion, and how the Bible's been miscommunicated. Obviously it's different because it's over the course of 2,000 years, but we're doing this over the course of 10 minutes in a living room psychotically. Say we put it in Mandarin, and the only difference is "apricot," but you still can comprehend what the whole thing is about, that's the purpose of Google translate.

Michael: It was literally just a ridiculous idea. That's it.

Matt: I'd be interested in seeing 64 different expert translators in each language do the same thing and see what they'll come up. I think it would be something similar.

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