Why French Death Metal Band Gojira Don't Sing About Death

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The title of your most recent album, L'Enfant Sauvage, suggests the idea of a feral child, kind of a Kaspar Hauser theme. Do you identify with that?
Yes, absolutely. I think it's a statement. It's, "This is what we are: a feral child." When we express things through music and lyrics, we don't talk to the metal community. We talk to people in general. That's why also, probably, we don't use all these clichés. If I were to explain to my grandmother what we are, I'd rather say that we're feral children than vampires or monsters, you know? It's a softer way to present ourself. We don't need to exaggerate. Being a feral child is already strong enough.

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Something about Gojira's music that stands out to me is that, although it's heavy, it's also very beautiful. I honestly can't say that about most metal. Is beauty in music important to you as a songwriter?
Yes, absolutely. We are actually obsessed by this. We want our music to be beautiful and moving. We all like our different kinds of music. Myself, I like Radiohead, Portishead, Massive Attack, and things like that. They have very strong, moving melodies, and there's also a very naïve aspect to it. We like to keep it simple and naïve and something that will move you. Very simple melodies, very simple themes. The drum patterns are often very tricky and complicated and sophisticated, but the melodies we want to keep simple. It creates a kind of natural balance. Because if the melodies were complicated and tortured, it would be a nightmare. But, it's just what we want to express. We want to be moved. I guess we're very sensitive people--like all metalheads, probably.

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