Sorry, But Kanye Is the GOAT

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9) Kanye's an asshole
So was Picasso. So was Ty Cobb. So is Jay-Z for that matter. (That was a not nice thing he said at the Grammys about The-Dream's hat.) It's something of a given that anyone driven to celebrity is going to be arrogant and confused. But it's one thing to be an asshole and it's another to have a sense of self-awareness, which believe it or not Kanye possesses. After Lil Wayne drew a more-enthusiastic crowd response at Summer Jam 2008 (despite performing "Pussy Monster" on guitar), Kanye acknowledged that he'd been one-upped, and vowed to come back with something bigger and better. And he did. Even if Watch the Throne the album wasn't too special, Watch the Throne the tour was pretty unstoppable.

Oh, and if anyone is still upset that he interrupted Taylor Swift, or about the George W. Bush hates black people thing, or if anyone doubts his love for Kim Kardashian and their baby -- you're an asshole yourself.

10) Nas/Rakim/Immortal Technique is the GOAT
It's nice to have a lane, and it's even nicer to drive faster and straighter in your lane than anyone else. But being the GOAT is not about doing one thing really, really well. It's about being the best artist, it's about confronting one's fears and weaknesses, expanding one's sound, and reinventing oneself time and time again. It's the Kanye West playbook, and we are all lucky to be around while he's in his prime.

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