Kelly Clarkson Says Clive Davis Lied About Her Career In His New Memoir

As you may be well aware, music industry bean counter Clive Davis is currently doing the big publicity push for his new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life. In it, the 80-year-old Davis comes out of the closet. Sorta. He's taken lovers of both the male and female persuasion, and he considers himself a bisexual. It's a state of being, he told Nightline's Cynthia McFadden last night, which is unfairly dismissed, and should be studied further. Here to now, this has been the big news from the book. That is, until about half an hour ago. That's when Kelly Clarkson took to the internet to say Clive Davis lied in the book about her career. And you know what? We believe her.

The two already have a pretty thorny history. Clarkson, fresh off her American Idol win way back in the Jurassic era, was contractually obligated to sign on the dotted line with Davis. Very green, Clarkson didn't have much say or to say on her debut, on which the songs were picked for her by Davis. As Clarkson matured along with her art she, quite naturally, wanted more control. Davis wouldn't give. The two had a public falling out.

Now, in Soundtrack, Davis paints a picture of the war that went on behind the curtain, and -- SURPRISE -- in his version he is the All Knowing Exec Who Knows Best and Clarkson is a crying crybaby who cries. Only Clarkson ain't havin' it. Here's her version of events:

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