Will Long.Live.A$AP Be the Biggest Houston Rap Album of 2013?

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Soon, rap fans worldwide might hear a new slowed-down sample or a chopped-up mix without being reminded of Houston at all, but of a skinny kid from Harlem instead. Or somebody else from God knows where.

It's kind of a strange thought. But then, we've already gotten used to Texas hip-hop sounds and swag being appropriated across the South. The East Coast might be a bit behind the curve, but Rocky's catching them up quick.

So, no, Long.Live.A$AP won't ultimately be the year's biggest Houston rap album, because it's not a Houston rap album at all. But it is the coolest take on Screw music that's been done anywhere so far this year. It raises some pretty interesting questions about the future influence of Houston hip-hop culture, and it'll totally fuck your trunk up, to boot.

Now the chopped-not-slopped mix by OG Ron C that's practically certain to follow? Yeah. That's one's getting full consideration for Houston rap record of the year -- I don't care where he's from.

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