Meet Marnie Stern's dog, Fig, and Discover the World According to Frank Ocean Tweets

Marnie Stern. This week, you can meet her dog, Fig.
Hunker down with our favorite music stories of the week while Nemo blows through. Best of luck to youuuuuuuuus.

Meet Marnie Stern's dog, Fig. [Spin]

A Comprehensive History of Justin Bieber Rapping [Noisey]

Former boy bander Aaron Carter is horny. How horny? Good question. [Noisey]

The World According to Frank Ocean Tweets. [Complex]

Cecil Womack - R.I.P. [Humanizing The Vacuum]

Beatport's Matthew Adell on Shazam Deal, Why Music Biz Is a 'Disaster Model' [Billboard]

A snow playlist for, uh, the snow [The New Yorker]

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