People Get Ready's Visceral Pop Hits the Same Solar Plexus Sweet Spot As Arcade Fire Anthems

"James Murphy?" Nonplussed, he says, "Yeah, I think that's who it was." But he speaks with reverence for his Brassland label mates. "I love Nico Muhly. I've been a fan of his for a long time. I see him around all the time and he has no idea who I am. That's cool, I'll keep it that way." People Get Ready's music, which until recently was largely written by Reker, reflects this sense of wonderment. On "Orange Groves" off last year's self-titled full-length, he sings against a backdrop of vocal rounds that peal like church bells in the background, "I gathered up my wonder..." leaving the rest up to the rousing drum breakdown that closes out the song.

Even without any visual accompaniment, People Get Ready's visceral pop hits the same solar plexus sweet spot as Arcade Fire anthems or West Coast African music purveyors Fool's Gold. And it can only get more affecting and experimental with the addition of Deerhoof's Greg Saunier, who will produce and record People Get Ready's next album. Reker thinks that doing it "Greg-style"--recording at home and over the course of six or seven months as opposed to holing up for a week in an everyband recording studio in an upstate New York cabin--will better integrate the band's visual aesthetic with how they come across on record.

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"I don't think we'll have to pick one or the other, you know?" he says. "We're doing both. One requires songs--got plenty of those--and the other one requires... Well, we're working on it," he says. "We're straddling both these worlds," carrying the weight of masonite on their shoulders.

People Get Ready play tonight at the Mercury Lounge with Color War and Man Forever. 21+

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