Potty Mouth: "It Is Not Our Job To Teach The Rest of the World How To Not Be Assholes"

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Potty Mouth is a rock band from Western Massachusetts. With the exception of singer/guitarist Abby Weems, who graduated from high school last year, the members of the band either attended Northampton's Smith College (bassist Ally Einbinder and guitarist Phoebe Harris are graduates) or currently attend Smith College (drummer Victoria Mandanas is in her last semester). Prior to forming Potty Mouth in 2011, Harris and Weems had never previously played in bands; this is evident on the sloppy Bad Bad demo. The versions of these same songs recorded only months later for the Sun Damage EP still sound casual and jangly, but the improved chemistry between the four musicians was significant and promising.

"Damage," a new single released in January, is Potty Mouth's best work yet. The tune is grungy and contagious, and the dialogue between Harris's lead guitar line and Weem's nasally vocals is particularly clever. "Damage" is the first single from a currently label-less 10 song full-length which, like Sun Damage, was recorded at Dead Air Studios with Will Killingsworth (ex-Orchid, Ampere). "The new songs sound so much bigger," says Einbinder. "We wanted them to sound like the Foo Fighters, not the songs themselves, but the sound quality: bigger, fuller pop songs. Like with 'Damage,' Phoebe's guitar leads make it sound different. She's such an intuitive musician, and that's really cool because she never played guitar before Potty Mouth."

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Talking on the phone a few days ago, Einbinder and I spoke about the making of the "Damage" video, the unique challenges of being in an all-female band, and why you should never, ever, under any circumstances, read the comment section of Brooklyn Vegan (because those fucking idiots are fucking morons).

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