Project Pat: "Juicy J Was the Full Backbone, Brains, Business, Everything of Three 6 Mafia"

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Good googly moogly Project Pat loves New York City. Unlike some Southern acts -- namely Lil Wayne and Riff Raff -- who have expressed a disdain for NYC, the hood renowned Mista Don't Play is not among their ranks. That's why the original Three 6 Mafia man finds himself on the island of Manhattan in the dead of the winter giving his fans a healthy fix of that Cheez N Dope. We caught up with the the Pat about what he, Juicy J, and the rest of the members of Three 6 have been up to of late. Vintage Pat, he had a lot to tell and didn't hold back.

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Some rappers have voiced their dislike for New York. How do you like NYC?
Man, I love New York. I always did. I like New Yorkers too. NYC man, that's the home of the hustlers. There's money to be made up here. You can't hate that.

As a southerner the cold weather isn't a buzz kill though?
The weather and shit man... that's just a motivator. You gotta get your hustle up. Too much nice weather kills your hunger sometimes. It cost to live up [here]. You gotta make more money. New Yorkers been on they hustle.

A lot of heads don't know this but Juicy J is your younger brother. Did you teach him to rap/produce and is your relationship with him still intact?
Yeah that's right we're a year apart. But nah no way... J always was into rapping. He influenced me to rap. He was making money off CDs and tapes and I jumped in to hustle some with him. He was the first person I made some rap dollars with and he's still my favorite person to hustle with. Our relationship is intact. That's my brother... we're as close as ever.

Some [people] don't know but Juicy was full backbone, brains, business, everything of Three 6. It shows, that's why he still going. He has passion. He was up in the studio when everyone was high and unfocused. I was focused but I got locked up but I still sold a million records.

How's it feel seeing him be such a success?
It's a blessing seeing him do his thing. He's on his hustle hard. I do things to stay afloat money wise. He's different though. It's his dream to be doing what he's doing. For a long time that's all he wanted to do. I ain't really on it like him. Nobody is. If there's money to get I'm gonna get it but he's just on it.

What about you? You're still going pretty strong yourself. What are you working on right now?
We're working on Mista Don't Play 2 and a Cheez & Dope 2 with DJ Smallz. Then we're going on tour. We tour a lot. This go 'round it's the Trippy Tour. It's like a rebirth. We doin' it all over again. Just staying active and hustling.

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