The Six Coolest Members of Otherwise Uncool Bands

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Scott Russell
Obviously, the dude in the middle, wearing the sleeveless leopard print shirt, is too cool for this band.
By Ryan Wasoba

Bands are collections of people. In any such group, some people will be cooler than others. Even in an uncool rock band, there will be cool people. Here are the six coolest members of uncool bands. Cool? Cool.

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6. James Dewees, touring keyboardist for My Chemical Romance

James Dewees is better known as the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids and the braintrust of Reggie & The Full Effect. Over the last few years, he has been My Chemical Romance's go-to keyboard player. It's a huge step down on the emo food chain, but it pays the bills and at least he gets to play "Helena" every night.


5. Jose Pasillas, drummer of Incubus

On Incubus' 1999 single "Pardon Me," Jose Pasillas executed the always difficult task of using a standard drum kit to play electronic-inspired breakbeats. Unfortunately, he shares a stage, bus, and space on record with d-bag frontman Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger, whose use of "jazz chords" and phasers is downright irritating.

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This is probably one of the 6 uncoolest--and lamest--articles in the Voice, ever.


Rick Nielsen?  LOL - he plays that guitar to MAKE FUN of guitarists who take themselves too seriously.  He would be the first to admit he's not a virtuoso. Other than that, your list is dead on.


Wow this article is full of such negativity and sactimony. I don't know if you intended to make this article come across as funny or cool but it's kinda pathetic. Instead of blasting negativity into the world why don't you actually do something positive? I don't like certain bands but I have enough respect for those musicians who actually do make music and entertain people.


OF course you think John Frusciante is cool.  You gave this week's cover to a band that can't play.

Lisa Cris Mueller
Lisa Cris Mueller

You must check out Awkward Band and Musicians Photos page. The descriptions are hilarious..

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