Ten Kelly Clarkson Songs That Could Have Been Written About Clive Davis

After reading her gutsy open letter to Clive Davis that fought back against some of the hurtful accusations he made against her in his new memoir, it's fun to repurpose some of her feistiest lyrics as a career-long diatribe against the legendary but stifling mogul. Presented in no particular and leaving out her debut Thankful, which came before Kelly sought creative control, here's a look at some of the Idol's strongest and well-written declarations of self-empowerment.

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"Mr. Know It All"

These lyrics are probably what were going through KC's mind when gearing up to write out her WhoSay post, or even when she read what Davis wrote about her in his memoir. With the poignancy of every lyric, girlfran' might as well begin dedicating this song to the real life Mr. Bring Me Down at every concert.

Mr Know It All/ Well ya think you know it all/ But ya don't know a thing at all/ Ain't it something y'all/ When somebody tells you something bout you/ Think that they know you more than you do/ So you take it down another pill to swallow



As bitter and angry as Kelly can get in her songs, it's the soaring, reflective tracks that really stand out. And maybe the best revenge against a man who continuously insisted upon stifling her creative voice is to sing an Avril Lavigne-penned inspirajam about flying free and gaining independence.

"Where Is Your Heart"

Yeah, Clive, where is your heart? Who can honestly sit there and not feel an abundance of feelings after hearing "Because of You" for the first time?

Where is your heart, cause I don't really feel you/ Where is your heart, what I really want is to believe you/ Is it so hard to give me what I need/ I want your heart to bleed, that's all I'm asking for, oh / Where is your heart


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