Top 10 Douchiest Guitarists of All Time

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2.Eddie Van Halen
Ask any show-stealing rockstar in training what their most influential song is and see how long it takes them to say "Eruption." This could very well be the douchiest, most soulless, over-indulgent solo in American rock-n-roll. And in case you were wondering, you can play every meandering, nonsensical note in this entire 11-minute opus, but if you can't pull it of while sliding across a catwalk stage, then face it, bro ... you're just a wannabe douche.

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1. Steve Vai
Sure, plenty of guitar players can overplay and look really intense doing it, but until Steve Vai, we've never seen a guitarist actually manage to go up his own ass while playing a triple necked guitar with legs crossed. You can almost feel how insignificant he thinks you are with every note he plays. You are blessed to hear him even turn his amp on. If these facial expressions alone during the entirety of this six minute clip don't earn him the top spot on this list, then PLEASE, tell us who deserves it more.

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