Justin Timberlake! Destiny's Child! My Bloody Valentine!: The Week of Triumphant Returns

Justin Timberlake Sings a Couple of Songs About Girls, Makes the World Swoon

After hearing "Suit and Tie," JTimberlake's first single from his third album The 20/20 Experience, everyone knew we'd be greeted with even more very soon, but it definitely didn't feel like thiswasreallyhappening until the singer/actor/Myspace owner dropped a couple of new tracks on a surprised audience at a Super Bowl Pre-Show last Saturday night.

"Pusher Love Girl" sounds like it could've been a B-Side from FutureSex/LoveSounds with its sexy, subdued thump and falsetto-rich vocals. Second is the classically soulful "That Girl," which fits well with the dapper old-school theme JT has been serving of late, which is pretty recognizable in his concert attire and big band accompaniment.

The show also included a performance of "Suit and Tie" with Jay-Z, who also guests on the track, and some throwbacks to his Justified days. Always present: a high level of thirst for even more from pop's golden boy.

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