Justin Timberlake! Destiny's Child! My Bloody Valentine!: The Week of Triumphant Returns

My Bloody Valentine Knows You Probably Spent Your Saturday Night At Home Waiting for Their New Album, No One Minds

After 22 years of waiting, the idea that the elusive group had even recorded a new album was shocking. Even more shocking: My Bloody Valentine unexpectedly dropping mbv Saturday night with little warning. Once the website stopped crashing, indie rock's most patient fans were rewarded with an excellent collection of material that is as loyal to the cult-status band's sound as it is refreshingly unique.

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While the music speaks for itself and probably already made it to the top of every critic's P+J 2013 list, skeptical fans can take a gander at MBV's YouTube channel and test-run the songs that were two decades in the making. Then, buy the album because it's legal and good for you.

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