Why We're Still Excited When Eminem Makes Music


It's Eminem's storytelling ability that makes him as controversial as it makes him unique and revered. The way he can perfectly describe a scene or slip in-and-out of characters has kept him an engaging addition to the Top 40 charts and is what made him so widely respected in the first place.

"Stan," a song told in letters from an obsessed fan, goes above and beyond complexity levels with its discussion of the influence of celebrities over the people who idolize them. When a boy finds solace in the MC's lyrics, he takes them literally and reenacts the aforementioned "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" scenario when his idol is too late to respond. Not only is Eminem dealing with the intensity of his own fame, but he's responding to the positive and very often misunderstood response to the violence in his lyrics.

That Time He Won an Oscar

Remember that? We do. Barbra Streisand presenting the award of Best Original Song to the first rap song to win in said category is pretty surreal.

He Always Knew We Could Never Last Too Long Without Him

The lyrics in "Without Me" say it best. The rap game always feels a little empty without him.


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