New Single From the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ignites Some "Sacrilege"

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In what's already been a year toploaded with comebacks, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have made their own mark in 2013 by debuting some live tracks, album art, festival dates, and teasers from their upcoming April album Mosquito. In the most solidifying act of their pre-album build-up, Zane Lowe debuted their first official single, "Sacrilege," with the help of lead singer/general badass Karen O on his BBC Radio 1 show today.

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Not only does the single deliver on the YYYs' vow of a raw, lo-fi fourth album, but it provides a 24-person gospel choir that helps make the track a fun, epic triumph that's worthy of the band's return to the spotlight. So far this first single and the fan-caught live videos of previously debuted new tracks seem promising. But judge for yourself:

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