The 11 Best Fictional Bands of All Time

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Who the hell needs real bands when there are so many great fictional ones? Here's some of the best -- our list goes to 11, of course:

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10. Steel Dragon
The Mark Wahlberg-led Steel Dragon, from the 2001 flick Rock Star, was loosely based on the real-life saga of Tim "Ripper" Owens--frontman of a Judas Priest tribute band who for a spell in the late-'90s/early-'00s replaced Rob Halford in the actual Judas Priest. In addition to Wahlberg, the metallicious Steel Dragon featured Dominic West (later The Wire's "McNulty") as guitarist "Kirk Cuddy" and actual musicians Zakk Wylde as guitarist "Ghode," Jason Bonham as drummer "A.C.," and Jeff Pilson as bassist "Jorgen." Sadly, Wahlberg didn't actually sing in the flick -- his vocals were provided by Steelheart frontman Miljenko Matijevic. Of course, that wasn't Wahlberg's actual dick in Boogie Nights, either.

9. Autobahn
Not to be outdone by Anthony Kiedis blowing his own foot off in Point Break, Flea joins Peter Stormare and Torsten Voges in The Big Lebowski's Kraftwerk-spoofing nihilist band/faux kidnappers Autobahn, who don't get much musical screen-time but the concept alone is brilliant enough.

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