The 20 Best Arena Rock Songs of All Time

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Ex-Foreigner singer Lou Gramm has survived a lot -- a rare brain tumor, all the usual rock 'n' roll excesses, a feud with ex-bandmate Mick Jones, his old band continuing to tour with a karaoke singer that's replaced him -- and lives to play another day. And that day is today, when the 62-year-old drops by City Winery [8 p.m./$55-$65] with his band to play solo tunes and a healthy batch of Foreigner hits. To mark the occasion, here's a list of the 20 all-time best arena-rock songs: A slippery genre term, sure, but we're talking the big, anthemic classic rock that always worked best in a hockey rink with giant speakers, Jumbotrons and 20,000 drunk, stoned fans, and like pornography, you know it when you see, er, hear it (hint: Foreigner's on the list).

20. Eddie Money -- "Two Tickets to Paradise"
This song makes us happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.

19. Night Ranger -- "Sister Christian"
Lets you know that no matter what, you'll be all right tonight, and we all need that reassurance once in a while.

18. Peter Frampton -- "Show Me the Way"
In the battle between talk-box, vocoder and Autotune, talk-box wins.

17. .38 Special -- "Caught Up in You"
These dudes made a good decision to drop the stupid Southern rock and slicken it up for mass consumption.

16. KISS -- "Strutter"
KISS blows, but guess we can't leave them out, so here's one of their only tolerable songs (thanks mainly to Ace).

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You're an asshole. Do you even like music? 


Aw, arena rock, the highly under rated genre of music frequently looked down upon by music snobs and hipsters. Contrary to what some other people might say, I think arena rock is far from pointless. It might not be the most ground breaking music ever, but it does a couple of things that I think are immensely important to the world of music. First off it gathers people together. Second it entertains people. Third off it's the sound track of people's lives. Like it or not these are the songs that stick with you, songs that remind you of experiences you've had. Fourth it's music targeted towards the common man and the blue collar worker, the ordinary people with no pretension, whom I by far like the most. My favorites you had on this list would be Foreigner, Boston, Bad Company and Styx. I most frequently listen to the music that people don't like because I as a journalist love the under dogs. Rock on and keep entertaining the ordinary people, arena rock, because you'll be the ones who are remembered best, not the pretentious groups put on pedestals. llmll ^_^

A list of 20 pointless songs.  

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