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Andrew W.K.: Rocker, composer, fashion plate, motivational guru, and most importantly -- via his primo Twitter feed -- long-time purveyor of party tips. From practical advice to profundity, inspiration to hilarity, his near-daily tips offer something for everybody, not only how to get the party started but how to live life to the absolute fullest. But how well have you been paying attention? Perhaps you, in the comfort of your apartment (or is that your APARTYMENT), should take our Good-Time Andrew W.K. Party Tip Knowledge Quiz and find out:

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1. PARTY TIP: Sometimes all it takes to feel good is _____.

A. Some rock
B. Fig Newtons
C. Running through the rain with your mouth open
D. A party

2. PARTY TIP: Listen to _____. Hear God.

A. The sound of the ocean in a seashell
B. Merzbow
C. Bach
D. Dr. Phil

3. PARTY TIP: List 3 things you love (besides bananas), and share it. Mine are: _____.

A. Rap Music, Cool Snacks & Tube Socks
B. Madeleine Albright, The Utah Jazz & The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism
C. Partying, Partying & Partying
D. Chinese finger traps, Vegemite & that guy who plays the dickhead in Ghostbusters and Real Genius.

4. PARTY TIP: _____ something, even if it's just yourself.

A. Snuggle
B. Caress
C. Hump
D. Blow your nose on

5. PARTY TIP: Give somebody a _____, even if it's yourself!

A. Party
B. Josh Groban DVD
C. High-five
D. Bloody nose

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6. PARTY TIP: Don't use _____.

A. Jelly
B. Q-tips, use WaxVac
C. People
D. Shampoo

7. PARTY TIP: Imagine if I _____ you.

A. Inhaled
B. Adopted
C. Disemboweled
D. Partied with

8. PARTY TIP: I'm challenging you to do one _____. You can do more if you want, but it'll be so cool if you do at least one!

A. Banana daiquiri jello shot
B. Dine-and-dash
C. Push-up
D. Line of Ajax-laced methamphetamine

9. PARTY TIP: On this day, party like _____ and enjoy something green!

A. Al Gore
B. Megan Fox
C. That creepy sorcerer dude in Big Trouble in Little China
D. A leprechaun

10. PARTY TIP: _____. It feels so good! Then just shower and put on fresh clothes.

A. Party so hard you crap yourself
B. Pour gatorade over yourself like you won the Super Bowl
C. Pee in your pants
D. Give Abe Vigoda a butt rub

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