The Best Dipset Songs Ever

Three The Hard Way (pause)
Time flies especially when one of your aliases is "The Fly Boys." It's been 10 years since the Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and the rest of that "hooligan gang" the Diplomats (a collective of Harlem hustlers and goons) released their double disc effort, Diplomatic Immunity. Since then they've gone through more then their fair share of label drama, beefs, break ups and make ups. To celebrate the fact that they were able survive the turbulent rap game, they are commemorating the 10 year anniversary of Diplomatic Immunity with a concert tonight at B.B. King.

Of course such an event deserves some shine so we compiled a list of their best songs as a group. No solo spots, just songs where at least two of the three star players rocked out together. Say it with us now... DIP SET! DIP SET! DIP SET! Owwwwwww!

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Dipset Anthem
Young Juelz stole the show on this one. Citing lyrics from Notorious B.I.G.and Scarface, this was a lot of people's introduction to Santana and he came off like a Harlem kid is supposed to: brazen and hungry. Cam was no slouch either delivering the last verse where he shouts me out ("You fucking with Pablo..."). It's gangsta music at it's best.

Crunk Muzik
No one ever really expected Jimmy to start rapping full time as he was more a behind the scenes guy, directing the Dips videos and the like. When he released his own album on Koch though it became evident that what he lacked in lyrical prowess he more than made up for in outrageous ad libs. All had strong verses but Cam took the cake when he imitated a siren with "Whoop whoop, wamp wamp, beep beep."

Santana's Town
This was technically all Juelz, but Cam'ron on the hook just tied it all together nicely like one of the bandannas Santana was sporting back then. The adrenaline inducing beat was almost a surefire method to start a fight in the club. It solidified Santana as a solo act which in turn solidified the Diplomats brand as more than just Cam'ron and some lackeys. Who was the old head leaning on the car with Cam'ron though?

I Really Mean It
Mr. Cameron Giles stomped a mud hole in this Heatmakerz beat with a slow deliberate stop and go rhyme scheme. Golly he's gully. Not quite as gully, though, as Jim Jones' shit talking in between verses. A lot of it was directed at Nas, who had just gone on his anti-Summer Jam tirade on 105.1, simultaneously throwing Cam under the bus. Off with your kufi!

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B.B. King Blues Club & Grill

237 W. 42nd St., New York, NY

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