The Comments on Beyoncé's Instagram in Support of Gay Marriage Are Very Mature

If you've been following Beyoncé on Instagram you know she's gone HARD in support of gay marriage these last couple days, even making the emptiest of gestures the incredibly bold, impossibly brave choice to post the ubiquitous pink equality = on her account (pictured above). It's a big step from the avowed Christian who named her baby and latest track after a famous Bible verse * (1 Chrysanthemums 12:16 - "And with a fist full of blue ivy, Lord God did shout down from the mountaintop to his subjects, 'Bow down, Bitches!'") In a day and a half the pic has 175,763 <3s, and many of its over 5,000 comments, as you can imagine, are amazing; delicate and subtle understandings of the true nature of Man, religion and why we do what we do. This is Instagram, remember, so no one leaving comments is anonymous. You can look through photos of their most cherished moments and favorite sandwiches, should you so desire. Naturally, that kind of exposure has heightened the debate and kept things civil.

* Source: Wikipedia

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@rhonda_bl: @baddiebey OMG, for somebody who seems like a traditional person, how can you support such a thing? Do you want your daughter to grow up and be a lesbian or be like Chaz bono and become a man? If gay marriage is legalized, this kind of behavior will be viewed at acceptable. You can't call yourself a Christian and support this. Have you thought about the long term consequences? Just because something seems natural and fair now doesn't mean it's the right thing! God made it wrong for a reason!

Supporting the rights of people to fall in love with and marry whom they wish = Blue Ivy is Chaz Bono. Makes perfect sense.

@redbadchica: Marriage should be between a man and woman and that's it! Just because the media and society says its ok does not mean that I do! We are all entitled to believe what we want and I will raise my kids to know that this bs isn't right no matter how much society throws it in our face! Ppl are so stupid if they think that this girl OR HER HUSBAND agree with this shit. It's a good career move to fight for gay rights!

Clearly. It doesn't seem to make you or @rhonda_bl, fans who like to flip through pics of Beyoncé in their spare time, the least bit angry.

@cstoops11: Some people saying there is no God, most people saying its ok to marry the same sex...all I can say is, its very sad to see.

Agreed. Everything about this is sad.

@star562: Adam and Eve were put on this earth for a reason. If the Lord intended to have same sex marriage the Mighty one would have put Adam and Jose or Ellen and Christi but he didn't. Now if you want to be in a same sex relationship then go for it. But there is no way two people of the same sex will have their signature on an official certificate. No way

"Adam and Jose."

This really strange conversation:

@_dannycocaine: @2sweeet_t and why do you think gays shouldn't marry ? * waits for a brilliant answer*

@2sweeet_t: If u legalize gay marriages, @_dannycocaine y not turn around the rest of the laws to benefit others happiness like molestation

@xelerose: @2sweeet_t molestation? Really?... that's the dumbest comparison yet.

@2sweeet_t: Jesus @xelerose it started out that way...they were led a stray btw this isnt the only thing potential law I believe to be harmful to society but thats my opinion so in no way shape or form am I shoving anything down ones throat...a man and a woman are physically , mentally, spirituality and chemically designed to go together. Our body anatomys correspond to reproduce and two women or two men cannot do that..yall can sut here and ignore the obvious facts to fight the norm or to be different but the facts are and will always be there

@2sweeet_t: If they choose to live they lifestyle thats on them @xelerose , but dont legalize to make them happy if u want to be sleepn with the same sex go thing you know they gone be mad they cant naturally produce and who they gone blame that on the n??!! Society??!! For not finding some majical way to have babies...lmmfao

May no one you love or care about ever be lead a stray.

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I love Beyonce! I am a Christian women...and I support Gay Marriage...I am not in the business of treating people poorly or wanting them to be unhappy in a country where the state and church should not mix.... that is why our children cannot sing the national anthem in school right because of the statement "One God". God will deal with all sins on His time, including those of us straight folks. It is not nor will it ever be the place of us "Christians" to condemn another person.

Kristi Marie
Kristi Marie

I don't like Beyonce, but this opens her eyes to the type of fans she has...To be fair, it's probably a small portion of them. Maybe.


@VoiceStreet think I'll pass, thanks. I already know the depths of depravity man can sink to.

Lori Longoria
Lori Longoria

Gawd, English grammar and writing teachers have failed all the ignorant asshats of this country! Or then again it could just be that they're ignorant asshats!


i see there's a Page 2 to this story. no thanks.


@Anthony MesiscoMr. Mesisco, lets be honest here; if it were possible to press a button that instantly wiped all gay people from the face of the Earth, humanity would survive with hetereosexuals still procreating and going about their business as usual. Of course this hypothetical scenario could never happen for obvious reasons; and the very impossibility of there being a way to eliminate homosexuality should be a reassurance to those like yourself who so quickly give up on the fate of the human race because of the vocal opposition to homosexuality of some of its members. The point is, lets not get into a stir over such things. Laws are in place to prevent the persecution of gays. And at the same time, there are millions who will never come to see being gay as acceptable. Nothing about this suggests humanity is doomed. If humanity is doomed it will be because of nuclear holocaust. The part of society who refuses to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle choice has no power to do anything about the existence of the lifestyle choice they find damnable. They simply make noise on message boards. For my part, I can't imagine devoting any time to lambasting others for their personal choices; but then again, I've never been under any religious impulse to change the world. Have a good day.

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