Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves: A New Crop of Country Divas Have a Need for Weed

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Other than Willie Nelson jokes and Eric Church's 2010 musical plea-for-green tune "Smoke a Little Smoke," , prominent mentions of grass haven't been exactly widespread in the mainstream land of clean country living and God-loving.

Sure, the understandable perception of the current country-music audience is a conservative one, but a great deal of the kids and young adults who have made Church, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan headline acts likely enjoy a bit of weed themselves. Even in the current age of music where so much is "Taylor-made" (sorry, couldn't help it), for the masses of mini-vans, these tunes from Monroe and Musgraves express a truth that many country fans of all ages accept, even if quietly so.

Also, modern country music loves positivity. Redemptive tales of rising above one's troubled past or of living the life you've been given to the fullest reside in an insane amount of recent mega-hits. With both "Weed Instead of Roses," and "Follow Your Arrow," marijuana is enjoyably and artfully employed as a means to produce positivity. Let's not worry about whether such advice is legal or not right now. While it's doubtful that either of these tunes will be offered up to radio as a single, there's little mistaking that weed-talk isn't the taboo topic it once was.

Watch out, California- and Colorado-based medicinal dispensaries, these modern, pot-loving country gals will be coming your way soon as they tour to promote their great, new records. Better stock up.

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