Django Django on Django Unchained, and America's Giant Food Portions

Mikael Gregorsky
Though they share a moniker with some other important Djangos (see: Reinhardt and Freeman a/k/a Unchained), the UK's Django Django carved their own letters into the pop culture lexicon in 2012. They had a sort of unimpeachably successful year: their eponymous debut was appropriately lauded by the music press on both sides of the pond and nominated for The Mercury Prize, a distinction shared by bands like Pulp, Amy Winehouse, and Radiohead. That record touched on a lot a genres: jungle, electro-psych, even West African; yet tracks like "Default" and "Hail Bob" are also obstinately pop songs.

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Vocalist and guitarist Vincent Neff, who we spoke with as he walked the windy streets of London, has a thick accent and a cheery, if gruff, demeanor. He says they didn't really have any expectations with the first record, and he's approaching their follow up the same way. "We've always done stuff that's considered experimental, but still use melodies," he says. He adds that he didn't really think about writing pop songs because they hadn't become popular yet, which is, of course, one way to think about pop music. Another way to approach Django Django is that they're continuing a legacy of artistic experimentation: Django's drummer and producer David Maclean, one of the main architects of their sound, is the younger brother of the Beta Band's John Maclean.

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