Dropkick Murphys - Terminal 5 - 3/12/13


Better Than: Watching The Departed on loop while shooting Jameson in your apartment on St. Patrick's Day.

It might as well have been at a sporting event. Chants of "let's go Murphys [clap clap clap clap clap]" and waves of amped attendees in black and gold jerseys egging each other on and fighting to get closer to the stage were all just a natural part of the experience.

But this was not a sporting event. Instead of balls, bats, or hoops, there were newsboy caps, a bagpipe player wearing a kilt, and green. Lots of green. At least one item of clothing on 80% of the audience members had been colored a different shade of it because last night might as well have been St. Patrick's Day. It was five days too early, sure. But it was a Dropkick Murphys show. Close enough.

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Throughout the show, the audience's interactions with one another and the band felt like one gigantic, over-crowded family reunion with mosh pit bumps quickly being transformed into one-armed hugs. Like any family reunion, the Dropkick Murphys were convening their extended relatives, us, in time for a very sacred holiday celebration that mandated beer stained air, charismatic sing-a-longs, and, as expected, matching uniforms of green.

Naturally, their sound kept the energy levels high and enthusiasm piqued, which is what has motivated fans every year to celebrate their Irish heritage, both authentic and honorary, with the Murphys. From the opening bars of "The Boys Are Back" all the way to the blaring end of a cover of AC/DC's "T.N.T.," the Murphys were a force of nature with their deceitfully jovial Celtic sounds that mingle with aggressive punk.

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