When Not Making Rap Hits, Harry Fraud Surfs With Manatees and Rocks Out to Sublime

You also just produced the "Hottest MC" song with Danny Brown. Yes, and I really really really like that song a lot.

What did you think the first time you heard Danny Brown's voice?
Ha ha, it's weird 'cause the first time I heard it I thought, "Who is this?" Then the second time I heard Danny Brown's voice I didn't know it was him, 'cause he's got so many different styles. He has such a wide vocal range. Me and my buddy were just talking about that. He's got something that's lost in rap where a rapper will really use their voice more like an instrument and go into all different types of pitches and flows and styles. Danny's not trapped by his voice.

What do you think about MTV's hottest rapper list?
I think it is what it is. I think that first of all it's cool that at least this is the type of dialogue that's being had where it's about the hottest MC. I think that's a positive for rap music. As far as who they're judging for the list, would that be my list? No. But it's a subjective thing -- there's not going to be one definitive list. They can have their list and Complex can have their list and Pitchfork can have their list and Village Voice can have their list. It just so happens that they're MTV, the big bad wolf of music television. If you really look at it, I don't think they have some huge impact on the culture, it's just their list. And the other thing I will say is Sway is somebody that's super good for hip-hop. He's always been good for hip-hop and he's always done positive things for hip-hop and he's just a super man. Anything he fucks with, I fucks with.

Who would you have for the top three spots on your own personal hottest MCs list?
Oh, I have no idea. I'm the type of guy that it changes every day. I mean, obviously I'm partial to people like French Montana and Action Bronson, people like that, 'cause they're my brothers. I think there's so many talented rappers out there and they're so different; for some it's about bars, for some it's about delivery, for others it's about their perception and their image. It's so many different ways to judge people these days, I don't think you can have a definite list that these are the hottest MCs out today.

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