When Not Making Rap Hits, Harry Fraud Surfs With Manatees and Rocks Out to Sublime


You posted up a picture of a Sublime album the other day.
Yes, I love Sublime.

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What is it about Sublime's music you like?
Well, I feel like first of all, Brad Nowell was an incredible song writer. He could write the types of songs that could stand being fully produced and could write a hit, but he could also write the song that if you just played it on an acoustic guitar it would sound incredible. And what a talented voice, man! He had an unbelievable voice where it wasn't the perfect voice by any means but he had that real human quality in his voice that the best singers have like Hendrix. When you heard Hendrix you felt like, "Damn, this motherfucker's feeling this shit." That's the same thing you felt with Bradley when he's talking about a girl or about drugs. His feelings translate so well in his songs. And I also think the great influence of Sublime was that in a time of quote-unquote hybrid bands they were the shit -- they had reggae, they had rock, they had rap, they had blues, they had Spanish music. They had everything totally fuckin' infused. I think they're one of the greatest bands of our generation one hundred percent.

Have you ever considered sampling Sublime?
Definitely and I have an idea for something but I don't want to give it away right now.

You mentioned Eddie B earlier. You have a couple of projects coming up with him.
Yeah, there's an EP coming soon and then a full-length project. Me and Eddie have been working together for at least 10 years so I really think we have developed a good chemistry. It's very well put together, our records, and there's a good cohesiveness. It's a more traditional-feeling sound from me when I work with Eddie, but at the same time really hard-hitting beats and hard-hitting raps, super technical stuff from both of us.

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Finally, who's the most entertaining person you follow on Twitter?
Jody Highroller a.k.a. Riff Raff. He's a crazy fuckin' hilarious person to follow on Twitter. He is so entertaining, oh my god!

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